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About Cleaning

What We Do

Gillett Car Cleaning is a full service car and truck appearance facility. We have many years experience in all facets of car and truck interior cleaning and fabric protection, paint protection and restoration, and body rust protection. The vast majority of vehicles on the road today are grossly neglected when it comes to protecting and maintaining the interior, paint, and body.

This neglect contributes to deterioration of the interior of the vehicle, deterioration of the body and under car components and deterioration of the exterior paint. The result is more mechanical failures, a less than respectable appearance and much lower resale value.

We believe that a simple, cost effective maintenance program of 4 visits per year will provide your vehicle with the appearance maintenance and protection it deserves.


January - March

Package # 2 is recommended during the winter months. This package includes: Wash, Vacuum and Windows.


April - June

Package # 3 is recommended during the spring months. This package includes: Interior Shampoo.


July - September

Package # 2 is recommended during the summer months. This package includes: Wash, Vacuum and Windows.


October - December

Package # 7 is recommended during the fall months. This package includes: Total Rust Protection.