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Package 1 Exterior Hand Wash

Package 2 Express Clean

Package 3 Interior Shampoo

Package 4 Engine Shampoo

Package 5 Wash and Wax

Package 6 Wash, Buff and Wax

Package 7 Total Rust Protection

Package 8 Fabric Guard

Package 9 The Royal Treatment


Package 1

Exterior Hand Wash

For a beautiful looking car, try our Exterior Hand Wash. We wash your car by hand using lots of suds, rinse it, and chamois it dry. We also clean and dress your rims and tires.
Cars : $20.00 (CAD) Trucks & Vans : $25.00 (CAD)

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Package 2

Express Clean

For a quick, inexpensive freshening up, try our Interior and Exterior Clean package. In addition to the hand wash described in package 1, we vacuum the interior of your vehicle, clean the windows, floor mats, and interior trim. An excellent monthly maintenance package!
Cars : $59.90 (CAD) Trucks & Vans : $74.95 (CAD)
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Package 3

Interior Shampoo

This package is our most popular! Using lots of suds, we hand shampoo your carpet, floor mats, seats, door pads and any other interior fabric. We hand wash and apply a dressing to all of the vinyl trim. we clean all windows inside and out, and vacuum the trunk. We top it off with a hand wash, and chamois the car dry. cleaning and dressing your rims and tires adds that extra special touch. This is a good annual maintenance package that will keep your interior looking new!
Cars : $ 169.95(CAD) Trucks & Vans : $ 199.95(CAD)
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Package 4

Engine Shampoo

A clean engine is a happy engine! We use a powerful degreasing agent and a high pressure rinse to prepare the engine and engine compartment for dressing. this procedure will make your engine look like new!
Cars,Trucks & Vans : $ 49.95(CAD)
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Package 5

Wash and Wax

Revitalize and protect your paint with our wash and wax treatment! After a thorough exterior hand wash, we apply by hand a superior quality wax. We then hand buff the glaze to ensure that the wax reaches deep into the surfaces of your paint, making it look new again!
Cars : $ 99.95(CAD) Trucks & Vans : $ 124.95(CAD)
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Package 6

Wash, Buff and Wax

Is your paint dull, losing it's colour and brilliance, and needing some serious help? Let us restore it with our professional buffing equipment and a 2-stage compound and wax treatment that will remove light scratches and bring your paint back to life! You won't believe your eyes!
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Package 7

Total Rust Protection

Protecting your vehicle from rust and corrosion will help keep your vehicle looking new, prevent costly repairs, and increase your vehicle's resale value. We apply by high pressure, an odorless, drip free, environmentally friendly high quality rust control product to the underside of your vehicle, to the inside of the rocker panels, doors, wheel wells and fenders, finishing off with the food and engine compartment. We then give your vehicle an exterior hand wash as described in Package 1. An excellent annual maintenance selection!
Cars : $ 124.90 (CAD) Trucks & Vans : $ 149.90(CAD)
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Package 8

Fabric Guard

Help protect your carpet and seats against unwanted dirt and stains. Our superior Fabric Guard treatment coats your fabric with strong stain repelling agents. An excellent selection in conjunction with Package 3.
Cars : $ 59.95(CAD) Trucks & Vans : $ 79.95(CAD)
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Package 9

The Royal Treatment

This selection will really make your car happy! This package combines packages 3,4, and 5, for huge savings, and a total thorough pampering that will make your ear proud to be seen on city streets! Call today for an appointment!
Cars : $ 249.90(CAD) Trucks & Vans : $ 299.90 (CAD)
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